Clearing My Calendar and Other Updates



Well, not clearing it and leaving it that way.  Clearing it and making plans for a new schedule is more like it.

Our production needs and production team have both grown such that a second shift is required.  I’ll be making the jump to that second shift and am looking forward to it.  Despite my best efforts, getting up at 3:30 in the morning is just not for me. I made it work because of my commitment to my job.  In fact, I’ve done so well at work that I have been cross-trained on a number of stations, have trained new hires, and am now taking on the responsibility of writing up training material that reflects our new workstations and procedures.  Still, I’d rather feel more rested and I believe that making the shift to an early afternoon start time is going to be the key to that.

Back to the calendar topic, though.  I like to use Google Calendar to organize my days and weeks.  I can receive notifications across all my devices that help keep me on track and it is handy for long-term planning of routines.  It lets me step back and take a high-level view of my time.  Having color-coded blocks shows me where I have gaps I can fill to make better use of my time, and where I can take advantage of free time to unwind.  Rearranging the blocks is easy, too.  So, I’m getting a tentative new schedule in place and will refine it as I settle into my new routine.

I’m lucky to have the opportunity to work somewhere that quickly acknowledged some of my strengths (attention to detail, becoming proficient at tasks quickly, passing on knowledge, technical writing skills), has allowed me to grow into new roles according to my strengths at a rapid pace, and is making available a schedule that I feel will be better for my life outside of work.