From One Year to the Next


Fall of 2016 turned into such a wild rocket ride that getting back to the blog just didn’t happen.  Shortly after the start of our second shift at work, I was not only hired on by GE, but I was promoted to Team Lead.  I’m grateful to KellyOCG for helping me get my foot in the door at a workplace that has given me so much opportunity and allowed me to develop in my career.

I’m enjoying the challenges of contributing to the rapid growth of our part within GE Grid Solutions.  2016 saw our sales triple, and this year we’ll be growing even more. Overtime was the rule of the day, and week, and month, to make sure our customers received their orders on schedule, and they did.  I have the honor of supporting a great team and continuing to gain experience in many areas of interest to me: process improvement, quality control, documentation, streamlining procedures, and team growth.

In addition to transitioning to a GE employee and the promotion, I made the move to Glendale, AZ to be much, much closer to work.   The commute to work is now 30 miles less in each direction, and I’m able to carpool as well!  The ‘new’ place is actually rather old (for the Phoenix area, at least).  This house was built in the late 1960s and is full of custom touches the original owners must have dictated – built-in storage abounds, there’s a workshop to the side of the spacious garage, and there’s a spare bathroom with 2 showers!  I’ve never seen anything like this house and I love it.  Even the cats are happier after the move.   Can’t beat that.

The West Valley is a whole new world and I’m exploring new places to eat,  appreciating the more classic architecture that is around due to the overall age of development here and finally grasping the whole Street vs. Avenue situation we have.

2017 is going to be one of the freshest new starts a year can bring, given all the changes that happened towards the end of 2016.  It looks like things will settle into something closer to a routine this year, so more regular updates will be coming!