Tools and technology have always been part of my life. I grew up watching my father work on motorcycles and cars, trying to be helpful by fetching wrenches, and learning how to turn the knobs on a manual lathe.  Later on, I worked on my own cars myself and made time to be of use to others when they needed a hand. Computers always fascinated me and as soon as I had the opportunity, I began assembling my own in order to gain a deeper understanding of how they worked.


I combined my desire to help others, my love of cars, and my tech enthusiasm by starting an online community that supports an underserved segment of the automotive hobby.  I have learned valuable lessons running a website: how to manage a large group of people with civility and diplomacy, growing a social media following, and even some marketing skills. The ever-evolving nature of the Internet demands a willingness to learn and the ability to adapt to new things.


Once I had the opportunity to attend college, I pursued engineering topics, concentrating on computer systems. It was there that I found the satisfaction in helping a diverse population tackle things like algebra, trigonometry, calculus and university physics. Having experienced the struggle for understanding complex topics, my approach to tutoring is seen as being a little different than most and helps me to identify a student’s learning style and accommodate it appropriately.